Pangaea at Household

I'm super excited to announce Pangaea at Household, an exhibition that positions Pangaea alongside artworks by me and Household founder Krysten Cunningham. 

Household is located within Krysten's studio, where she pairs her work in dialogue with other artists for occasional exhibitions. Krysten's work explores themes of nature, history, geometry, and collaboration. In my art, language has always played a predominant role, but I'm also drawn to materials: how they look and feel, as well as how they mean.  

Over many years of knowing one another, Krysten and I have evolved a mutual appreciation for our shared love of materials and form, art and the outdoors. I've always appreciated Krysten's keen eye for space and color and admired her groundedness. I was honored to be invited to present Pangaea in a contemporary art context, to see it side by side with my own artworks and also in conversation with such an accomplished and engaging artist as Krysten. 

The Pangaea shop at Household has a few great items from Gossamer Gear and Topo Designs that aren't available online! 

Pangaea at Household will be on view through April 8 and is located at 3616 1/2 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90018. Household is open Thursday through Saturday, 2-5pm and by appointment. 

SAVE THE DATE! On April 8, Pangaea at Household will host a gear swap and sale. Want a table to trade or sell gear you no longer use?

Email me!     

Till next time...