Yama Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber Cylindrical Sacks

Yama Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber Cylindrical Sacks

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I have experimented with all kinds of stuff sacks, trying out different brands, materials, sizes, and styles. A favorite has finally emerged! I've used Yama Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber stuff sacks for backcountry hikes, everyday use around town, and work travel for several months now and am so pleased to offer them here. These stuff sacks are whisper light, tough as nails, and designed and made with care by thruhikers Gen Shimizu and Greg Arpante in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Cuben Fiber is translucent, so you can see what's inside when you're searching for your stuff in your backpack, purse, or suitcase. The cylindrical style features a slick Spectra drawcord at the top, a mini barrel cord lock that is small enough to keep the weight super low but large enough to grip easily when your hands are cold or covered in sunscreen, and a webbing pull at the bottom. These stuff sacks eat gear, and the water resistant Cuben Fiber will keep it all dry. For a variation on the shape, check out the Yama Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber Flat Sacks.

FYI: Made from crazy durable Dyneema Cuben Fiber, these cylindrical stuff sack s measure as follows:  

Mini: 3x4 inches, .11 ounces (3.1 grams)

Small: 4x6 inches, .16 ounces (4.4 grams)

Schmedium!: 5x8 inches, .2 ounces (5.8 grams)

Large: 8x12 inches, .4 ounces (11.4 grams)

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